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What you buy here goes back to the community by financing our videos!

This is only the beginning of our boutique and though we wanted to go faster with this new project, we had to take it much slowly than anticipated. We will have a much larger selection of items coming in September but for the time being we have a selection of watchmaking tools from Bergeon as well as the very special glasses that MAD is wearing on a daily basis.

Payment, VAT Deduction, Shipping & No return policy information

You will be able to make your purchase with all major credit cards, Paypal and Apple Pay (with Safari browser).

Please note that all our prices are export prices, meaning not including the Swiss 8% VAT. This tax will be added only for customers when the items purchased will be sent to Switzerland. For items sent abroad, you will then have to pay the import tax corresponding to your own country's fiscal legislation on reception of the good sent to you. 

Regarding shipping, we use the Swiss Postal Parcel service and price will be indicated upon Checkout once you select the final country of destination. We will send you via e-mail tracking information as soon as goods leave our office.

Following Swiss Law, we DO NOT offer any return or exchange policies, except the one mentioned in the Terms of Services. Purchasing through our website confirms that you are aware and agree to this policy.