is all about Watchmaking Videos.

Created in 2011 and based in Geneva, Switzerland, we've have published more than 1’000 original video reports. 

We're totally passionate about watchmaking and want to take you along with our behind-the-scene videos of this great industry. From product launches, to unveiling the many crafts behind your favorite timepiece, we want to be as inclusive as possible and share with you the privileged access we have to brands, suppliers and anything that has got to do with watches.

Marc André Deschoux - Founder / @deschoux

Marc André Deschoux - Founder / @deschoux

A Brief History

Created by Marc André Deschoux, the main idea behind is to share with you what watchmaking is all about in a fun and informative way using video as our primary media.

We are first and foremost a YouTube Channel and are delighted that our follower base has reached the 100'000 subscriber mark and growing nicely and steadily. With an average of 500'000 video views per month, we are thrilled to know that watchmaking can be as entertaining for audiences all around the globe. 

To help finance our activity, we have created a Patreon campaign where contributors can pledge very simply a monthly fee or make a fixed donation using the button below.


Our contents are categorised in various themes as follows:

  • General news: videos presenting general industry news.

  • Arts & Crafts: videos showcasing some of the great crafts of watchmaking.

  • Watches & Products: a specific focus on timepieces and other watchmaking accessories or tools.

  • Vintage Watches: the same as the above but focusing on vintage watches.

  • PRIMETIME: our monthly program summarising the main previous month activity and what to expect in the month to come.

  • Who's Who of Watchmaking: in this series, we come back on the players of the industry with detailed reports on their history and legacy.

  • Me, Myself & My Watches: a new series letting you get acquainted with some collectors and how they came into becoming watch aficionados.

  • Watchmaking Roadtrip: our fabulous adventure following some members of our audience discovering by themselves some hidden facet of watchmaking.

Since YouTube doesn’t work in China, we have also launched our own media platform primarily using WeChat and Tencent for the distribution of contents, which are translated and subtitled in Chinese.

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