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Based in Geneva, Switzerland, we’re all about quality watchmaking through our extensive video coverage, travel experiences and special merchandise.


Since 2011 and 1’000 original video reports later, we cover watchmaking with our unique take on what we love with more than +100k Subscribers on YouTube.

We love to inform and entertain, show the behind the scenes of some incredible timepieces and focus on all the great people; craftsmen and women, watchmakers, designers, suppliers making watchmaking a true form of ART.

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We organise special tours in watchmaking territory for small groups up to 6 people lasting between 3 to 5 days, but we can also arrange bespoke travel arrangements.

The objective of this service is to offer a unique opportunity to discover from the inside our beloved watchmaking industry; from your favorite brands to special artisans and many unconventional surprises.

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We have some special merchandise products, including some “VIVA WATCHMAKING” goodies and we will complement this initial offering with some other cool stuff soon.

But we also have some very nice watchmaking artwork with some very iconic watches.


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Special Watchmaking Artwork By Danish Artist Cay Brondum

We are delighted to offer for sale some very cool hand painted artwork of some very iconic watches printed on an aluminium canvas of 24cm x 31cm from our friend and watch aficionado Cay Brondum. These are all limited editions and we only have a few for sale, click here for price and availability.

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